Our mission is to connect candidates with employers through engaging them in mutually beneficial projects

At PitchMe we believe that the current job hunting model is outdated. We are tired of watching candidates send 100s of CVs and getting them nowhere. Our mission is to prove the power of networking as means of securing dream jobs and finding top talent.
— Dina & Piotr, Founders of PitchMe

We are partnering with leading Institutions to rethink the conventional job application process

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our innovative recruitment process

1. Employers think critically about a position they are looking to fill and devise a tasks that helps them identify relevant skills.

2. Candidates register on the PitchMe platform by filling in a PitchForm, our proprietary application form developed with experienced recruiters and psychologists to identify all relevant skills in a minimum amount of time.

3. Smart matching algorithm identifies suitable candidates to participate in tasks.

4. Selected candidates get an opportunity to work on the project. Final deliverables along with SmartMe profiles are submitted to employers.

5. Employers invite candidates to Pitch and get to know each other.

6. Nothing makes us happier than a perfect match, but no matter the outcome, the candidates receive a project completion certificate and remain within the platform to continue their job hunting journey.


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