Position: Client Solutions Engineer

Location: London

Contract type: Full-time position, competitive salary

Position description:

The role involves building relationships with clients and liaising with scientific and software engineering teams to meet specific client expectations.

Responsibilities also include:

  • Building deployment pipelines
  • Tweaking models
  • Building new proofs of concept that could drive the business
  • Executing delivery of projects
  • Presenting results.

Ideal candidate profile:

The ideal candidate should have an analytical background and a good working knowledge of multiple programming language. It is not required to be an advanced developer, but the level of knowledge should be sufficient to understand the structure behind the code, being able to tweak it and most of all explain to external audiences.

Aside from the technical skills, the candidate should have basic business development acumen, as the role entails engagement with clients as well as proactive approach in developing new proofs of concept.

Finally, if you are an enthusiast of Machine Learning, Eigentech is the place you will develop your passion amongst like-minded people.

Details about the company

Name: Eigen Technologies (LINK)

Sector: IT, Machine learning

Company description and services provided: 

We are a research-driven Machine Learning start-up founded in late 2014 based in London and NY. We build industry-leading products for some of the most recognised financial and legal organisations globally.

HR vision: 

We have attracted some of the smartest, most ambitious yet humble individuals in Europe and the US. We love learning new things, tackling new challenges and having global long-lasting impact. Join us to work with cutting-edge machine learning tools, work with some of the smartest people, and work with some of the most prestigious global organisations.

The recruitment process:

1. Fill in the PitchForm to register on our platform

2. Apply for this position

3. Selected candidates get an opportunity to work on the task.

4. Deliver a task: we will send you a coding task, followed by a video interview

5. Final deliverables along with SmartMe profiles are submitted to employers.

5. Eigentech invites candidates to pitch and make offers to suitable candidates.