Forget about dumping your CV for any position you can find

PitchMe gives you an opportunity to show your skills directly to employers


What candidates do today?

CV dumping for random positions, resulting in low rates of success and frustration. We believe that the generic job application process today in painful and ineffective.

What does pitchme offer?

An iterative recruitment process based on personal relationships that enables successful matching of candidates' skills with appropriate positions.


How does PitchMe work?

Step 1

Fill in our PitchForm and tell us about your skills. The form has been devised by leading recruiters and psychologists.


Step 2

Our smart algorithm will match your skills with available projects.


Step 3

You can always proactively browse through projects and apply.


Step 4

If you are selected for the project, you get an opportunity to pitch your skills to an employer in a non-competitive environment. If your skills match - an employer will consider giving you a job offer.

At that stage you will also get a chance to develop your network.

Furthermore, every completed project will be awarded with a certificate and your skills will be reinforced in the PitchMe database.