Three very different people, with very different backgrounds met in London and shared one common goal! The belief in meeting people for real (after all that’s how they met).

Together with 12 others, then 39, then 65, … then 1500! They built an ever-growing young professional network among graduates in London in the energy industry. What do they keep hearing behind the scenes? ... from all 1500 … why were we made to submit 1000s of CVs and spend hours upon hours on single online applications?.........We honestly didn’t know why! And that's why it is time to introduce PitchMe!

Dina came to the UK to obtain Master's degree already having 4 years of work experience and found out that her foreign experience did not count and started applying for graduate positions. She was sending 3-4 applications per day, sometimes up to 150 applications per month and was interviewed only by 5 companies. She had no job offer even when she graduated a year later. If she did not realise that online applications were just a waste of time she would still be unemployed. But she started utilising her network and got a job offer within 2 weeks. HOW? She realised that her foreign background was beneficial for companies expanding to new markets and used it as a competitive advantage. Now she is working for a multinational investment company. She is mentoring students from various UK Universities and a strong believer in the rule of "six handshakes".

When applying for graduate level jobs, Piotr created a folder in his mailbox for rejections. It contains 143 emails, about half of them automatically generated. Although he was told 143 times that he is not good enough for this type of a job, he is now working at a top management consultancy in the City. WHY? Because Piotr realised that the chances of getting a job through an online application in the current system are close to ZERO. No matter whether it was a simple summer job, an internship, or a graduate full-time position, Piotr always got them because of a RELATIONSHIP that he built with his potential employers. If Piotr was to give a single piece of advice to his past self entering a University it would be to socialise as much as possible. He strongly believes that your network will be the most important thing that you will get out of your University degree.

Originally from Ireland, David graduated from Imperial with two masters in engineering and desired to work for an Oil & Gas Multinational. So David trusted the system, and spent hours filling out each individual application to every single Oil & Gas Multinational. David received no negative feedback, in fact, he received nothing at all! David never got his desired graduate job. He turned to an alternative and through an introduction from a friend, David started working for a very small engineering consultancy. Six months later this consultancy was bought by one of the multinationals that rejected David’s application months earlier, and to his ultimate surprise, the multinational decided, upon meeting David, to promote him immediately. Did they even know they rejected him previously? Frustrated by the failure of the current system, but inspired by his experience David believes in the power of an introduction!