Title of the project: Rethink Marketing and Positioning Strategy – The Red Bull Effect

Location: Project done remotely, presentation via videoconference or in person in London/Edinburgh

Project description: 

We strongly believe the Human Factors is the “next big thing”, but the current strategic narrative around this sector is very disengaging, some may even call it boring. It is seen as “safety” or “tree huggy” or "for people who wear sandals and socks at the same time". However, the fact is that we pride ourselves on our Military Aviation Heritage and majority of our employees are/were RAF pilots – which is a cool job, probably one of the coolest. Furthermore, on a serious note, Human Factors is main reason people get hurt, injured, killed or lose loved ones.

Therefore, our aim is to change the opinion about the industry providing advice on Human Factors. We want to position our services away from the conventional perception of the sector. We would also like to adopt a fresh approach to our marketing strategy to reach our target audience and build a community of people that do really cool stuff but that also have an authority in the space.

This project is a typical management consulting-style assignment, through which we will be looking for creative and viable ideas on how to achieve our aim or re-branding the industry and position IHF as the market leader. The main goal is to keep our audience engaged and returning to our company.

Project start date: June 2017

Details about the company

Name: IHF Ltd (LINK)

Sector: Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Transport and Finance

Company description and services provided: 

We are a multi-award winning Human Factors (HF) consultancy that delivers bespoke human factors consultancy and training. We work with some of the biggest companies in the world and some of the brightest brains on the planet. We work with NHS surgeons, we work on oil rigs, and we train ships and aircraft pilots. Our sole focus is to help people make less mistakes and improve performance whilst at the same time ensuring people are more resilient at work.

We want IHF to become the authority in the Human Factor sector but achieve it in a cool and fun manner. We genuinely believe that we can do both and want to do that by bringing some pizzas into the field.

What professions can you offer?: This role has the opportunity to grow into one of increased responsibility and project contribution or into internship if desired, because we prefer to build long term collaborative relationships.

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