Position available: Assisstant Project Manager

Job description:

  • Developing, marketing and delivering training programmes in PPPs as part of advisory mandates for major projects, as well as stand-alone courses
  • Market research, design of training programmes, development of training materials
  • Building up and maintaining corporate knowledge database
  • Liaison with clients and trainers
  • Preparing bid submission documentation
  • Building agenda of study tours and assistance in training delivery.


  • Analytical skills, excellent writing (marketing documents, course materials, training reports, etc.)
  • Good communication skills
  • Design of brochures and web-sites, client relationship
  • Time and task management, multitasking
  • Instruments: Word, Excel, Power Point, mind maps.
  • Desired personal characteristics: Team player. Can-do attitude. Open and frank style of communication. Attention to detail. Logical thinking. Putting heart into what you do, willingness to take initiative in case initial guidelines are insufficient for advancement of the ultimate project goal.


  • Graduate, post-graduate or doctorate
  • A degree from a top University will be an advantage

Start date: ASAP

Details about the company

Name: PPP Experts Ltd. (LINK)

Location: London

Sector: Advisory for the infrastructure sector. We help the public get new and better infrastructure services, built and delivered faster and better with the help of private investment.

Company description: 

We are a small dynamic company. Our corporate culture is project-focused with a balance of stability and control features, i.e. a mix of Star-Up and Market Conqueror. There is a lot of flexibility in the tasks that we deal with, hence horisontal collaboration and everyone-pitch-in mindset is encouraged. On the other hand, winning and performing on advisory mandates in a highly competitive market demands high level of punctuality and rigour, therefore the can-do attitude and attention to detail are essential.

All senior staff are truly passionate about what they do and are happy to let the junior staff have a complete visibility of what we want and what we do on every project. We want you to have a genuine interest in major projects and will be delighted to help you learn a great deal about various aspects of project management, financing, setting up nation-wide frameworks for infrastructure investment, etc., on the basis of the deals that we are involved in globally.

PPP Experts could be an excellent stepping stone (or a spring-board, depends on you!) for a graduate, postgraduate or a young professional, opening a route to a career in one of the following exciting professional domains: mega-project management, project finance, investment banking, advisory, law, civil service, politics.

This position may be of particular value for someone with a strong Masters degree or a Ph.D. with a few years of experience in academia, education, environmental and social projects, NGOs, etc., looking for an opportunity to move into the corporate world without the moral dilemma of “choosing the dark side”. Your past experience will be relevant for what we do, you will keep advancing the good causes, and the projects that we work on can be an excellent basis for academic research.